A bibliography for Jack Vance

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The Rapparee

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1949
Author’s age at the time: 33
Year published: November 1950
Publication: Startling Stories
Other title(s): The Five Gold Bands, The Space Pirate
Dutch title: De vijf gouden banden
Genre: novel, SF


Paddy stared aghast. “They’d draw and quarter me! They’d wear out their nerve-suits! They’d—”

She said coolly, “We could be tourists from Earth, making the Lantry Line.”

“The situation has backfired now, Paddy. Today we’re the root-stock, and all these splits and changes brought about by the differences in light, food, atmosphere, gravity they may produce a race as much better than men as men were superior to the proto-simians.”

Paddy!” cried Fay as if her soul were dissolving. She could not close the outer door as his leg hung out, twisted at an odd engle. Shou could not open the inner door lest she lose all the air inside the ship.

Republished in the Rapparee, Spatterlight 2012.