A bibliography for Jack Vance

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Coup de Grace

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1957
Author’s age at the time: 41
Year published: February 1958
Publication: Super-Science Fiction
Dutch title: Genadeslag
French title: Coup de grâce
Series: Magnus Ridolph
Genre: short story, SF


THE HUB, a cluster of bubbles in a web of metal, hung in empty space, in that region known to Earthmen as Hither Sagittarius. The owner was Pan Pascoglu, a man short, dark and energetic, almost bald, with restless brown eyes and a thick mustache. A man of ambition, Pascoglu hoped to develop the Hub into a fashionable resort, a glamor-island among the stars - something more than a mere stopover depot and junction point.

Republished in Magnus Ridolph, Spatterlight, 2012.