A bibliography for Jack Vance

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Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1951
Author’s age at the time: 35
Year published: April 1953
Publication: Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader
Other title(s): DP
Genre: short story, SF


The scientific world seethes with the troglodyte controversy. According to the theory most frequently voiced, the trogs are descended from cavemen of the glacial eras, driven underground by the advancing wall of ice. Other conjectures, more or less scientific, refer to the lost tribes of Israel, the fourth dimension, Armageddon, and Nazi experiments.

“...We have ignored this matter too long. Far from being a scientific curiosity or a freak, this is a very human problem, one of the biggest problems of our day and we must handle it as such. The trogs are pressing from the ground at an ever-increasing rate; the Kreuzertal, or Kreuzer Valley, is inundated with trogs as if by a flood. We have heard reports, we have deliberated, we have made solemn noises, but the fact remains that every one of us is sitting on his hands. These people we must call them people must be settled somewhere permanently; they must be made self-supporting. This hot iron must be grasped; we fail in our responsibilities otherwise...”

The VIE website Foreverness writes: “Written in Fulpmes, Austria. Spurious ending removed”.

Republished in The World-Thinker and Other Stories, Spatterlight, 2012