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The Man in the Cage

Author: John Holbrook Vance
Year written: 1958
Author’s age at the time: 42
Year published: 1960
Publisher: T. V. Boardman
Other title(s): Man in the Cage
Series: American Bloodhound Mysteries
Genre: novel, mystery, thriller

Comment: A mystery set in Morocco. Foreverness writes that it is based on traveling Morocco in 1957. [ref] The novel was awarded the prestigious Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America in the category “Best First Novel by an American Author”. Actually Vance had published two mystery novels earlier, but used for those the pseudonyms Peter Held and Alan Wade respectively, while The Man in the Cage was published under his full name John Holbrook Vance.

The Man in the Cage has a number of favorable user reviews on Amazon. [ref] Hector DeJean writes that Vance had a knack for exotic cultural settings and gives a sketch of Morocco that is “...enough to keep hold the story together, without being excessively wordy. [ref]

Filmed for television as an episode in the TV series Thriller as Man in the Cage, 1961. [imdb title]

Republished as The Man in the Cage, Spatterlight, 2012.