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The Flesh Mask

Author: Jack Vance
Published under pseudonym: Peter Held
Year written: 1948
Author’s age at the time: 32
Year published: 1957
Publisher: Mystery House
Other title(s): Take My Face, Mask of Flesh
Genre: novel, mystery


They drove south with the sun phosphorescing through a high mist that swirled in across the bay from San Francisco. At San Jose the mist was gone and the sun was yellow. At Monterey a wind blew in off the Pacific from the direction of Hawaii, twisting the black cypress, flecking the face of the ocean with whitecaps.

By nightfall San Giorgio seethed with sensation. Two mutilation murders in the week, a maniac at large! Sheriff Hartmann felt blind, baffled, helpless. He had no suspects to question, no leads, no idea of where or how to begin. A single course of inquiry presented itself, stemming from Carr Pendry’s half-dazed identification of Robert Struve. It was a poor piece of evidence. But it was a lead, and he had no others.

Under the pseudonym Peter Held according to this article.

Republished The Flesh Mask, Spatterlight, 2012.