A bibliography for Jack Vance

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Wild Thyme and Violets and Other Unpublished Works

Author: Jack Vance
Year published: 2012
Author’s age at the time: 96
Publisher: Spatterlight Press
Genre: short story, SF, outline, novel, collection

This collection contains outlines, and other unpublished work.
A list form the jackvance.com website:

  • Cat Island (1946, fragment)
  • The Stark (1954, outline for series)
  • The Telephone was Ringing in the Dark (1962, outline for novel)
  • The Kragen (1963, novella; first version of The Blue World)
  • The Genesee Slough Murders (1966, outline for Joe Bain novel)
  • Guyal of Sfere (1969 , revision of same title, 1944),
  • Wild Thyme and Violets (1976, outline for novel)
  • The Magnificent Red-Hot Jazzing Seven (1976, movie treatment)
  • Clang (1984, movie treatment)
  • Dream Castle (1962 revision of I’ll Build Your Dream Castle, 1946).