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Sabotage on Sulfur Planet

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1952
Author’s age at the time: 36
Year published: June 1952
Publication: Startling Stories
Other title(s): Sabotage on Sulphur Planet
Dutch title: Sabotage op de Zwavelplaneet
Genre: short story, novelette, SF


NOLAND BANNISTER, superintendent of Star Control Field Office #12, was known at the space-port and along Folger Avenue as a hell-roarer a loud-voiced man of vigorous action. He made no secret of his dislike for administrative detail and attacked paper work with a grumbling rancor. Negligence in his staff he dealt with rudely. Mistakes of a more serious nature left him grim and white with rage.

“Here’s how I see it,” said Bannister. “If there’s money to be made looting this planet, Plum will be out and away as soon as he organizes a trip. Once in space, under sky-drive, he’s gone. We can’t trace him. Unless of course we have a representative aboard. There’s where you come in. He’s practically hired you already. You return the jewel to him, tell him you’re sorry you ran off with it, and that you want a chance to pick up a few yourself.”

Republished in Sail 25 and Other Stories, Spatterlight 2012