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The Kokod Warriors

Author: Jack Vance
Transcribed author’s name: ジャック・ヴァンス
Year written: 1951
Author’s age at the time: 35
Year published: October 1952
Publication: Thrilling Wonder Stories
Dutch title: De Kokod-Krijgers
Japanese title: ココドの戦士
Series: Magnus Ridolph
Genre: short story, SF


A: There are 97 conventions of battle which may be employed: for instance, Code 48, by which we overcame strong Black Glass Tumble, allows the lance to be grasped only by the left hand and permits no severing of the leg tendons with the dagger. Code 69, however, insists that the tendons must be cut before the kill is made and the lances are used thwart-wise, as bumpers.

The guide continued, “The Eastern Shield warriors can be seen coming over the hill...It seems as if they surmise the Ivory Dune strategy and will attempt to attack the flank...There!” His voice rose animatedly. “By the bronze tree! The scouts have made a brush...Eastern Shield lures the Ivory Dune scouts into ambush...They’re gone. Apparently today’s code is 4, or possibly 36, allowing all weapons to be used freely, without restriction.”

Magnus Ridolph made an easy gesture. “I profess an amateur’s interest in military strategy; I will assume responsibility for that phase of the plan.”

Republished in Magnus Ridolph, Spatterlight, 2012.