A bibliography for Jack Vance

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The New Prime

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1950
Author’s age at the time: 34
Year published: February 1951
Publication: Worlds Beyond
Other title(s): Brain of the Galaxy
Dutch title: De nieuwe eersteling
Genre: short story, SF


The young man stared, taken aback. “Brotherhood?...You mean fraternity?” Enlightenment spread over his face. “Is this some kind of hell-week stunt?” He laughed. “If it is, they sure go all the way.”

After grounding his air-sled Ceistan sat a few minutes inspecting the dead city Therlatch: a wall of earthen brick a hundred feet high, a dusty portal, and a few crumbled roofs lifting above the battlements. Behind the city the desert spread across the near, middle and far distance to the hazy shapes of the Altilune Mountains at the horizon, pink in the light of the twin suns Mig and Pag.

Republished in The Moon Moth and Other Stories