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The Enchanted Princess

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1949
Author’s age at the time: 33
Year published: November 1954
Publication: Orbit Science Fiction
Other title(s): Enchanted Princess, Roger Atkin,The Dreamer
Genre: short story, SF


“Yes, you are. You’re Vasillissa under a spell. Vasillissa frozen in a block of ice. I want to help you, to make you the free Vasillissa again.”

Aiken was studying her face. Was this Carol? Or Vasillissa? And if she were Vasillissa, how did Carol see? He made up his mind. It was definite. There was something in the poise of the head, the slant of the jaw that was unmistakable. This was Vasillissa. But she lived in a new country, in a new time, unable to use her magic. (more)

Republished in Sail 25 and Other Stories, Spatterlight 2012.