A bibliography for Jack Vance

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Men of the Ten Books

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1949
Author’s age at the time: 33
Year published: March 1951
Publication: Startling Stories
Author’s title: The Ten Books
Genre: short story, SF


Thousands of men and women of all ages had surrounded the ship, all shouting, all agitated by strong emotion.

Betty stared, and Welstead clambered down from the controls. The words were strangely pronounced, the grammar was archaic but it was the language of Earth.

The white-haired man spoke on, without calculation, as if delivering a speech of great familiarity. “We have waited two hundred and seventy-one years for your coming, for the deliverance you will bring us.”

Deliverance? Welstead considered the word. “Don’t see much to deliver ’em from,” he muttered aside to Betty. “The sun’s shining, there’s flowers on all the trees, they look well fed a lot more enthusiastic than I do. Deliver ’em from what?”