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The Houses of Iszm

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1953
Author’s age at the time: 37
Year published: 1954
Year revised: 1964
Publication: Startling Stories
Dutch title: De huizen van Iszm
French title: Les maisons d’Iszm
Genre: novella, novel, SF

From Wikipedia: “The Houses of Iszm is a science fiction novella by Jack Vance, which appeared in Startling Stories magazine in 1954. It was reissued in book form in 1964 as part of an Ace Double novel, together with Vance’s Son of the Tree . The story published in Startling Stories is about 22,000 words while the version that appears in the Ace Double still less than novel length at about 30,000 words. The Houses of Iszm was re-published as a stand-alone volume in 1974 by Mayflower. ” (more on Wikipedia)

Republished by Spatterlight in 2012.